The term, I believe, comes from an inability to communicate effectively and a desire to shame males.

Man-splaining or what I will henceforth call: ego-splaining, has absolutely nothing to doarrogant-women with what you may or may not have between your legs. It is an ego driven, arrogant need to display, how much one knows. I used to be that person, until I realized what an  asshat I sound like. Ego-splaining is done by all genders. I’ve seen men do it to men, women to women. It has, let me reiterate, absolutely NOTHING to do with what you carry between your legs.

I suggest these three simple ways to deal with ego-splaining;

  1. Thanks Jane/John Doe but I am well aware of that and have the information saved in the old cranial hard drive but I appreciate your wanting to help.
  2. Thanks Jane/John Doe, I never knew that, that’s really very interesting.
  3. I appreciate what you are trying to say Jane/John Doe but I have no interest whatsoever in the topic. (at this point watch for the facial reaction, it’s priceless)
  4. I know I said three replies to the ego-splainer but here is one for the bootlicks, suck-ups and brown nosers – see #2 and say it with feigned appreciation and the required admiration.

There you have it. It is ego, not gender.

That brings me to the term and the use of the term as a weapon to, yes, man-shame. That shit doesn’t work. Guilt and shame only fosters indignation (sometimes righteous), bitterness, resentment and anger. To generate those emotions, my friends, is not in the best interest of any agenda you are trying to promote. Try using the answers laid out above and if you feel the need to educate someone about anything, try using respect and dignity. Try treating them the way you with to be treated.

I bet that nobody reading this loves to be shamed. I and, if you do, let me know. I know a few people that can lay it on thick.arrogantjpg