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Like every Sunday I have a great idea but that was from the Sunday before and now the Sunday to write the piece is here and I have forgotten what the great, earth shattering, revolution starting idea was. I mean, yea, I could start writing a Sunday offering on Monday or Tuesday. Hell yea, I could write a bunch and have a Sunday Offering savings account. Like any good bank, it would offer little to no interest while gouging me fees and….I digress. I could write those other days but then I would feel like I was cheating Sunday. So, I wait. And in waiting, the great idea I forget to write down or record into the expensive voice recorder I purchased, for just such an event, slips my middle aged CRS riddled mind.

Where was I?

Oh yes. You are probably wondering what CRS is. I’ll tell you as soon as I remember. As I was saying. Wait, I wasn’t really saying anything so I’ll just start here. I have come to fancy myself as a writer. Yes! Me, a writer! Why do I have such delusions of grandeur? Because the universe is sending me signals. No, not THOSE types of signals. Although  do get those and believe me, the aluminium hat does nothing but enhance the reception. I’d wear a lead hat but I’m sure it would give me neck troubles. Signals, yes, in the form of Twitter followers. That’s write  right, the people that communicate using only 140 characters. Oh but there are so many that could learn a great deal, OK, never mind, they should be forced to use only 140 characters and allow the rest of us some peace. Yes, writers, editors and their ilk have begun following me. And not my serious, somewhat news like Take 5 account, they are following my “If you read this, I’ll never get elected account.” Yes, I am going to run for office but that is a story I will forget for another day.

Maybe I am. Maybe, like I did years ago when I acknowledged and nurtured my artist/photographer. Maybe I should acknowledge the fact that I am, in fact, a writer. Maybe a hack, maybe just a once a week self published coffeehouse rag writer or maybe just a pulp fiction Sunday only blogger. Who cares? It’s writing, and you know what? I’m good at it. I could use some polish, to be sure.  But like everything, practice, practice, practice. many of you know that I am a photographer as well. It was this video that reminded me that I should be shooting more, painting more, drawing more, compositing more and especially learning more.

This can be applied to everything. So, I’m off to shoot, write, draw, paint, post and tweet. Oh yes, follow me on Twitter. Just look to the right and you’ll see it. Don’t forget to get involved in the latest movement. The daily #onepositiveonegratitude

And as far as the CRS, I just remembered that it means:

“Can’t Remember Shit”