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It is 5:43. Five forty three, 05:43, _20160725_070837That’s in the AM. Five forty three in the morning and I’m still a bad ass Papa.
No offense to other grandfathers out there but I am pretty cool, even if I had trouble getting that sleep bag off my grand daughter at 5:30. I walked in, turned on the light and picked her up because she was screeching. Of course the blinding light at that tie did not help but Papa’s comforting arms did, that is until I had to lay her


Princess 5AM

on the floor to extract her from this sort of baby bondage device that she is forced to wear at nap and bed time. Then the wailing began, I thought as I unzipped the bag and tried to get her little arms through the hole that Kathy is going to walk in and look at me lifting her from the floor and think, “My God, he’s dropped her!” Sure as shit, Nana walks in and the look on her face was AWESOME! The word mortified comes to mind. However, being the Nana’s girl (which causes me no end of pain) she is.
The little princess got quiet and Kat knew I, in fact not dropped her on her head. And so what if I had, the floor is padded and babies bounce, more or less.

I do have to say that waking up on some other beings terms, unless of course, it’s morning sex, is not one of my favourite things. My house, my terms. It is a concept quite foreign to a 6 mos old baby and I would have to say, a challenge to her two year old brother, the prince. Prince Beelzebub. That’s his new name. His cousin is Paco Diablo, so I couldn’t use Diablo, which, for my non Spanish speaking friends, means devil. So, we have Paco Diablo and Prince Beelzebub. He looks at me with those little two year old beady


Prince Beelzebub


eyes and I can imagine in his head, a trumpet and a speaker saying, “Let the stand off begin!”. Once I learned that he was being defiant for defiance sake, I let him. Of course he doesn’t entirely grasp the concept of “action/reaction” or “action/consequence”, until that is, the realization sets in that, in fact, we are NOT going to the park because he didn’t eat his supper. No bargaining. Here is the choice. Eat and go to park or don’t eat and don’t go. Simple.

He decided playing in the playroom was the way to go.

Because I married into papahood and have never have had children of my own. I have never experienced the sleep deprivation experienced by parents. I have to say I’m grateful. After Princess 5AM , I have a better appreciation. I cannot understand why couples would continue to propagate after experiencing the first child but they do, and I’m actually grateful for that too. I need children to grow up as responsible tax paying individuals and pay into the Canadian Pension Plan so I can retire comfortably. Go baby makers go!


Mr. Mellow (so far)

Not only was it a nice weekend with on set of grand-kids, it was also a celebration of another’s first year. The fact that all he cared about was the balloons and how they bounced off his face reminded me that all the hype is really just for the parents and grandparents. The guest of honour could not have cared less, even had he let go of all the balloons for long enough to try. Happy birthday Lennox. Grow, grow to be a productive member of society and make us all proud.