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The email I received caused me, at first, great consternation. The two fellows I was hanging lights with at Theatre NorthWest were looking at me with wide eyes wonder as the stream of expletives spewed forth. anger-inside-outHow dare they try to nickel and dime me, those @*&^%!ers and their *&^%#$! cheap attitude. I already brought my price down and those cheap *&^! suckers want more? Who do those mother &^%#$@ers think they are? And for added effect; Don’t they know who I am?? Suffice it to say I calmed down and thought I will finish my task for the day and give myself the weekend to think the situation through. I reacted in a private (relatively) and will respond later to the email, hopefully in a way that keeps everyone happy. No, not everyone will be happy. There is no happy in this situation, there is only; the best possible compromise.

Years ago, I would have reacted in a more public way and possibly destroyed a business relationship with this hotel and compromised future business dealings with others that witnessed my reaction. I live in a community of 78,000. A small 78,000 where everyone knows someone, the mayor is on a first name basis with most folks and I have developed a relatively good reputation (First place I’ve ever lived where I have managed that). So, firebombing the hotel, is without a doubt, a bit reactionary. And, it may sully that aforementioned reputation.

I’m trying to figure out when I grew up

Calmer heads prevail, perhaps.

Mr. Trump could take a few cues from me, yea? Or maybe not. The world still needs boogeymen like him that we can revile. Believe me, we revile him here, in Canada. Mostly though, we respond to our cousins south of us by asking, “Are you guys okay?” It’s like watching a good friend date someone knowing the whole relationship is going to go very bad indeed. We try to say something in out polite Canadian way but you still won’t listen. So, in response to your love affair with this miscreant, Trump, I will respond (not react) as I would to any good friend or at least to any acquaintance I thought was doing something insanely dangerous to his or her health; “What the *^%&$! man! What are you thinking?”! It has, however, become quite apparent that you do not appreciate this response to your misguided love affair and so, we sit back and watch, cringing, knowing that theTrain-Wreck-1 train wreck at the end, although spectacular will cause a great deal of pain for many.

Our response?  The condescending smile, of course. You know, the one we reserve just for those that ignore sound advice from almost everyone, yet still forge ahead in that “we know best” attitude, causing pain and suffering on a global scale and then point the finger at someone else. But then, that’s a story for another day. Right, Mr. Trump?

Donald Trump

Typical reaction to criticism; “Get him outta here!”

It’s always better to respond instead of react.

More shall be revealed.