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Happy belated fathers day to all the deserving father figures out there. Of which I am not one. Never a father. Not biologically or in any other capacity. I have not the patience nor the selflessness it takes to do the job. Hell, people, it takes all my courage, patience, tolerance, understanding and every other goodly principle in my toolbox to be a half way decent grandfather. Well, I’m called Papa because I am way too cool to be called grandfather. Not that I shouldn’t have been a father, I mean, my previous lifestyle evened those odds a great deal.  I believe it was the “ruler of the universe’s” wish that I be childless. I mean the sheer amount of hallucinogens I had consumed throughout my youth would have scrambled any DNA sequence to the point that Big Blue would have had troubles unravelling that mess. Thank you higher power, whatever it is thou art.

So, it is with utmost gratitude, that I say to my dad, “Holy shit man, you did a fantastic job! I turned out awesome!” That is also the caption on my biggest selling Father’s Day card. My dad did do awesome! He received some pretty damaged goods and in spite of my best efforts of sabotage and being a typical teen (which in and of itself is better than the best sabotage), my dad loved me through everything and he still does. Our relationship today is a testament to that love and goodness he gave so freely to me. Sure, it took some time for me to “get” it and return it but I am so grateful I could reciprocate the feelings.

I love my dad.

I wrote in this week’s cover article in the Take 5 that;  The older I get, the smarter my dad gets. I know there is this traditional view of who father’s are and I subscribe to that view in this instance.Except for the deadbeat sperm donor types. They aren’t fathers, It does not mean, however, that I expect everyone else to subscribe to the same beliefs. I don’t care what you think a father is, as long as it works for you, hell, even if it doesn’t work for you. Believe what you want. I don’t care, just allow me the same courtesy. Too often people try to paint in black and white, when grey is the only colour that will suffice.

Here is my thought;

Political correctness is always having to say you are sorry

Wait, I hear someone say. Wait! What is the Take 5? (inserting shameless self promotion here). I am so glad you asked! The Take 5 is a weekly “coffee rag” that has been in circulation for more than a year, has a readership, according to analytics and distribution, of about 2250 to 2500 per week and it talks about Prince George BC (my beautiful city). We feature an artist each week and list things going on around town as well as an insightful article each week, written by myself or a freelancer in the area. Now that the plug for that particular endeavour of mine is done. No….I’ll stop there and do more stuff at a later date. I’m what I like to call a modern day renaissance man. I’m making myself blush now. Oh stop, Michael!


More will be revealed