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I like the title. Perhaps I will continue in that vein, vane or vain. Homonym indeed. Hmmmmmm. Yes!

Actually I have nothing much to offer on this Sunday, aside from the fact that if I want to write I should do that before I drink coffee. It is said that is more creative prior to drinking coffee because the caffeine focuses the mind and does not allow it to wander like Alice, as it were, down the rabbit hole . If that is my sole (another homonym) piece of advice, you are doing well. I usually have much more and it is along the lines of:

Take my advice, I’m not using it

Oh how pithy of me, yes?

I can feel the heat starting to rise. It is supposed to be a warm one and I have yet to make the adapter thing for our new air conditioner. I will hear about it for sure. My muse will remind me that I should have done it last year. Yes, but we didn’t have the air conditioner last year. A sure sign of climate change; Northern Canadians buying up air conditioners when fans would have sufficed.

Today is a grandson day. Also a committee meeting day. What committee you ask? It’s secret. But no, we are not bent on world domination nor are we a cult and definitely not Masons. I doubt they’d let me in. Maybe they would. I’ve often thought I’d join them just to see what all the fuss is about.  Frankly, I prefer the myth to the reality of most things.

I just heard the buzz of the washing
machine. It appears this batch of tie dye is done the
rinse. No, I don’t use the washer method. I prefer the sink method but I do wash the DSC_0110items in cold water and no soap before I dry them. I’m a bit torn on whether
(homonym) to machine dry or hang them on the line. I guess the line is good. My new neighbours can get an education in hippyism.

I skipped over grandson day. It is, indeed, that day when a 4 year old invades my house, making demands and acting like a, well, like a 4 year old. I’m not much of a kid person. My muse would certainly argue the opposite as she has actually seen me…gasp…dote on the little buggers. I will be more covert in my affections so as not to dispel the myth of being the curmudgeonly old bastard I have so dutifully nurtured throughout the years. Yea, I’m the old bastard that give out dental floss on Halloween. OK, I would be that guy if my muse allowed me to.

Sunday offerings indeed. Feel free to steal from this collection plate any time you like. I’m off to check on tie dye and do some…ugh….financials.

More shall be revealed.