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What the hell is going on here? Boredom? The drive to create has intensified? The nee to express myself before I explode? Today is Take 5 distribution day. It is the one day a week I become a glorified paper boy. I have distributed over 400 hard copies of the paper to businesses, coffee shops, hotels, etc etc, throughout the city.

While on these distribution jaunts, I take my camera and of course my phone. Why point out the obvious and mention the phone? Good question. It is because, I have started to use Instagram and Periscope. I also enjoy doing live posts on the Take 5 Twitter feed as well. Due to the danger that I am about to max out my data (which is wildly expensive here in Canada) I may not be doing a live broadcast today. If I do, you will certainly see the recorded episode on this blog post.

Friday’s are also the day I pick up the recording of my show, The Jazz Cafe and begin to work on the podcast. I like to have that ready for Saturday. Now friends, I am off to start my day, arrange my papers, upload the updated Take 5 site and hit the road. I will be updating the trip throughout.

Well, that was an excellent exercise in futility. I had done my best to offer updates via Periscope (which is connected through my Twitter account) but I could not find a way to keep the videos for more than 24 hours or download them in a file format that is easily viewed by you, my avid fans.

So, I will say that in spite of the worsening of my arthritis (I’m 4th on the list for a new hip, whatever that means) I was able to deliver the First Anniversary Issue of the Take 5. Now it is time for me to write another column for this weeks. I have to say I will cheat and “steal” a piece that a local freelance writer submitted to the local paper. I say steal but he actually gets paid by me. I believe in paying artists for the work they do.

A novel idea…yes?

That is the topic of a whole other rant. It is my renewal of the creative process and my belief that I should be paid a fair price for the work I do. Not just me but every creative soul should be recompensed fairly.  In the words of my make up artist Mandy of M P Artistry;      

One can die of over exposure

Stay tuned cats, more shall be revealed.