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There you have it. The title speaks volumes.Where am I going? What am I doing and why have I come back? There lies in me an innate desire to create. Yea, just create, my procreation days are well behind me and the vas deferens has been long ago rendered inoperable. Too much information? You’d be surprised at what a great pick up line that used to be.

I digress

Yes, to create. Not the creativity required to earn a living. I do that every day through my paper; the Take 5 coffee house paper, my photography business; Positive Imagesmy design studio; Strange Trip Studios or my other creative ideas to generate revenue streams. Spoken like a true business man, eh? The thing is, I don’t like the business side of creativity. I am good at it because I need to be but mostly I’m a disorganized, head in the clouds Pisces (I say that as if it will explain everything). Yes, new age mumbo jumbo does come in handy from time to time.

I’m here, today, in this moment because that innate desire is overwhelming me today and I am seeking any outlet I can to be creative. I’ve done live periscope broadcasts, I recorded my Jazz Cafe radio show yesterday (you can listen to the show live on 93.1 CFIS FM or stream it at  www.cfisfm.com or even listen to it via podcast HERE) and today I write.

Then my ADHD like symptoms kick in and I am suddenly looking at a shiny thing on another tab or I get this sudden idea about a project or I realize I didn’t finish what I was doing a few minutes ago because I started writing this damn blog post!

Ah yes, the blog post.

Each year I say to myself (and sometimes others that won’t harangue me) that I should write more posts. That I should look after my social media streams better, that I should, should should. it really isn’t that good to should all over oneself.

This may or may not be the only post I do for the year. I may become a prolific writer and garner thousands upon thousands of followers be sought after by publishers fr book deals, speaking engagements and lead spiritual retreats to help everyone access their inner guru and….yea, you get the picture. It could happen. Actually, being a firm believer in the power of The Secret, I believe it could if I want it to and I do the work around it.

I think, right now, I am going to find a way to record my heartbeat when I see my lovely muse (it still skips), transpose it onto five or so small canvases and paint, trace or something…

More will be revealed.
Self Portrait in BW