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It’s very very cold out. Okay, in terms relative to Canadian winters, it only merits a very cold. Cold enough, however, to hear the deck boards contracting like man parts hitting the water during the firs “swim” of the season on the May Long. To my international brethren , please forgive the vague Canadian references.


We got 40cm (1.5 feet) two days before and then the high pressure bringing with it the cold temperatures. I don’t know why I feel the need to share this. I just do and it IS Random Saturday.

Mostly I’m trying to kick start my creative ass in as many ways as I can.

I’m blocked. No I don’t mean hand me the prunes kind of blocked. I mean in the creative sense. So maybe, yea, I need mental prunes. Like Ex-Lax for my brain.

Some thoughts are just too messed up to share, will get me banned from the interweb, land me in jail or have me stalked by CSIS (Canadian spooks) Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. When any government agency has intelligent or intelligence in the name, you are in for a treat. It screams OXYMORON!!!! Or just plain moron.

I’m done. Peace. Stay happy and stay warm.

I just tried new WP thingamajiggy….is ok

Sorry for telling you what to do