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It wasn’t so long ago that we were all hunter gatherers, living hand to mouth. Nowhere is this more evident than when we are confronted by wild animals. Although I live in an urban centre, it is an urban center in the north of a wild province in Canada and yes, despite the oft times comical escapades of these animals, they are wild. Back to the confrontation, well, not so much confrontation as brief encounter with these beasts of the north.

Last night while soaking in my hot tub under a starry sky, the pump cut out and I could hear sounds that were not of an urban nature. Immediately, my primal instincts kick in, dilated pupils, sense of hearing heightened and a major increase in heart rate. Blood flowing to all those parts of the body (mind out of the gutter, people) that will trigger the fight or flight response. Bear? Flight, I’d say. I may be primal but I ain’t stupid. Thus, the continuation of our species. Although I sometimes wonder how we really made it this far considering some of the idiotic decisions we have made in the past and present.

I marvel that, even after generations of grocery store foraging, we still maintain that primal human deep inside. No matter how much gentrification or whatever you wish to call it docificaftion (new word alert), we will still be genetically wired to revert back to our primal self in situations that require it. Even the sight of prey, yes, prey. Not only do we have bear in the neighborhood, we have deer and moose. That triggers the other hunter gatherer response. The predator prey drive or prey drive. I saw three deer driving home that same night and although I am now a non hunter, I immediately thought of how to take them down, I saw the archery kill domme and again, pupils dilated, heart rate up and all other senses heightened. While driving, this keeps me aware of any other wild animals in the neighbourhood. Useful to protect them and myself from a fatal collision. Usually fatal for them.

Embrace your primal self. Enjoy, from time to time, that hyper vigilant human inside. Be one with your feral human but don’t forget to pick up dinner on the way home from the office. And hey, you ever want your inner beast captured? I’ll do that with a camera in a heartbeat.

You know how to reach me!

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