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I was recently asked about editing images that were shot in the bright sun and there are many shadows. It’s a live and learn situation for the young photography student. I mentioned that, to me, lenses and a good flash are more important than a new body. I almost dropped my phone when I read that this students teacher does not believe in using a flash. I’m still stunned.

I desperately want to discuss this with said “teacher”. Firstly because his/her students are being set up to fail or believe that they have god like abilities to control the sun and clouds. I have believed that I could control the sun, especially after consuming extremely large quantities of Jack Daniels or ingesting inordinate amounts (assuming there is such a thing) of LSD.

Perhaps this “teacher” has at their beck and call an army of minions whose sole reason for being is to hold reflectors OR has access to some alien technology thus far unavailable to the unwashed masses like myself.

After calming down, I tried to think of why this “teacher” would not believe in a flash. I’m stuck. I can’t think of why? Maybe forcing the students to rethink location? Use reflectors? Alternate light sources? Location shooting is NOT an easy gig and we are often at the mercy of available light, I would assume that any teacher worth their salt would teach their student about fill flash. I have included two different images in this post; one with a fill flash and one without. This was not a particularly bright day but there was enough light to cause shadows on the young man’s face. Now, they are very different in skin tone so I did need to adjust the woman’s exposure but that was ok because the light was even. Not only did it make for better lighting but there are “catch lights” in the eyes.

Fill Flash

With fill flash


No Fill Flash









You tell me which is better.

No wonder it’s hard to make a living as a photographer. There are “teachers” out there that are teaching young photographers how to produce an inferior quality product which gives rise to the believe among our potential clients that all they need is an iPhone and a good app in order to be a top notch photographer.

Some days I wonder why I got back into this gig.