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Temper your expectations.

I didn’t say not to have any expectations. For instance, when I enter into a contract with an employer, I expect, at the end of that time that I shall receive the agreed upon remuneration. THAT is a reasonable expectation which is, more often than not, met.

On the other hand if I expect a politician to keep his or her promise, well, I set myself up to be constantly disappointed and disappointed and…ad nauseum.

I’ve learned this the hard way (most of of my life lessons are). I spent countless wasted hours trying to bend events to my will. With little or no success. Mostly with no success. I wasted my spiritual strength believing that if only people would behave the way I thought they should, life would be grand. Truth is; I only needed to behave the way I thought others should. It wasn’t until I reached that point that I found a modicum of peace.

I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.

Dalai Lama

I am, therefore, at ease with almost every event that occurs in my life. Almost. I am still human and can be susceptible to the same foibles and follies as the rest of humankind. But, when I look back at some momentous events (like the one I am currently experiencing) I can see with utmost clarity that cosmic synchronicity is playing a grand roll. Because, I do not narrow my choices down with expectation, I am open to all possibilities. A veritable cornucopia  of opportunity.