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Resentment kills.

There is a saying attributed to the Buddha and it goes something like this;164155586 [Converted]

harboring a resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies .

Did the Buddha really say this? I dunno but it sure is true. I know this intimately as I sipped from the poison chalice of resentment, enjoying each drop, planning and scheming, hating. Nurturing that resentment as it were my own child. All the while, my heart shriveled just a little more and my spirit became closed to the goodness of the universe, the people I resented, went about their lives blissfully unaware that I was being consumed by the poison of resentment.Viking-chalice-from-Vale--001

I remember the first resentment I let go of. It was against a brutal man that did brutal things to my mother, sisters and myself. I held him directly responsible for her death. That is a heavy resentment to bear, especially for a 12 year old. It took twenty four years or so for me to let it go, but when I did, I felt at peace. Immediately.  The poison seeps from my soul and I was relieved that I did not have to carry that heavy heavy burden any longer.

And so it is today. I may become upset, disappointed or even angry but I don’t harbour resentment. I have much better things to do with the energy I would be expending. Truth is, I have created some of my best works only AFTER learning how to become resentment free.


Don’t partake of the poison chalice. So give up whatever perceived injustice or slight may have occurred and let it all go. I’m not saying to become best friends or even acquaintances I’m just saying that their paltry existence is nothing when you or I don’t give them the power to hurt us. Having said that, if the MoFo steps off the curb in front of me…