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I have learned that I am a procrastinator. A damn good one too, if only I wouldn’t put off trying to be better at it. I put everything off, if I can. Ask Sarah at The Amusing Muse, she is still waiting for her birthday gift. I have it here, in fact I can see it but I just never quite get around to sending it. I could analyze why I am a procrastinator, but that would mean I would have to do something about it and quite frankly I don’t know that I would have the time to get at that right away.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not lazy per se, I just seem to put things off…and off…and off. One would think that after years of putting things off and scrambling at the last minute to complete a given project, I would have learned that getting things done in a timely manner is far less stressful.

No. I have not learned that lesson. Probably because I put it off in favour of doing something else, something else that I should have done before. Imagine, the first time I procrastinated, it set into motion a self perpetuating set of circumstance that forces me to keep procrastinating. Like I am stuck in some sort of “I’ll get around to it, loop”. Constantly putting off something in order to catch up on something else.

There is only one thing I don’t put off. My muse. When I say I will get something done, I tend to get it done. Mostly, sort of, all the time. Except for maybe that shelf in the closet. I am, therefore, quite careful about what I say I am going to do. Hell, sometimes I even act preemptively by doing shit I didn’t realize I could have put off.

Here’s how much of a procrastinator I am:

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