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I printed it! Yes, I did. I printed the WordPress 365 Prompts. Will I use them all? Probably not. Will I use one today? Maybe.

If I were to use on today it would mean I have to face a fear. Who on earth likes to do that? Why would I write about being locked in a room with my worst fear? Why would I write about the fear that things would, at first go blurry for me, eventually cloud over, go grey and finally the awful black that I can only imagine.

Blindness is perhaps my greatest fear.blind-photogs-mexico-splash

I am a tactile person, however, it is the visual that draws me closer to the sense of touch. Without the initial visual, how would I know? Where would I go? What then, would I sense to draw me to the information I seek?

The other part of that fear is; How would I create? How would I use my camera? Would those ideas and images be stuck in my mind forever? Losing my sight would mean that would allow me to internally visualize the ideas and have them forever looping through my head.


Image courtesy Hypebeast

THAT is a fear almost as bad as losing my sight. That fear of being unable to articulate my creative visions is equal to the fear of going blind. I remember a time when I was trying my hardest to recover from/deal with addiction and my counselor thought I might be suffering from depression. Medication, she said, could help me with that. Medication indeed! Hadn’t she seen “A Brilliant Mind”? Would she have me become a listless zombie incapable of a creative thought? I think not. But then, she was right. I do suffer from that particular malady and I do take medication for it but I still create. She assured me I need not create from a place of darkness or chaos any longer. I love that woman.

There you have it, I did use the WordPress Prompt and I have written about, not one, but two of my worst fears. They walk hand in hand.

Visual as well as internal blindness are my greatest fears.