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It has come to my attention that, in my last post, Married On Isla Mujeres, I had neglected to tell the story of the rings. Many people who read that post said I left out one of the most romantic parts.

Apologies to my lovely muse for that.

The rings, you see, are a reflection of our tattoos. Yes, we have relationship tattoos. They are, as you can see in the accompanying photos; two astrological symbols intertwining and embracing the yin and yan symbol. On Kat’s shoulder, she comes first and on my shoulder, I come first. This signifies that each of us needs to take care of self first so that we have enough to give to the other and the yin and yan symbolizes the opposites we are to each other and our willingness to embrace and accept those parts of each other.

Some may question the wisdom of shared tattoos. That’s your prerogative. When Kat and I first discussed the idea we decided no names but something to symbolize the relationship and should we part ways, we would both have something good to take away. As adults, we realize that it serves no useful purpose to harbour resentment or ill will.

The rings are made with the tattoos but instead of our own symbols first, she had asked Darrel Hubbell of Darrel Hubbell Goldsmith to have her tattoo on my ring and mine on hers. He called it “Reflection of You.” Thank you Darrell, you did a fabulous job!