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Picture this;

A cold Saturday morning just before Christmas and all across the country, hell, continent, weather is wreaking havoc on travel. Not here we say to ourselves. No way, we are prepared, we are a northern community well versed in the trials and tribulations associated with winter air travel. That may be so, but many other places are not, and the flight we needed to catch on that early Saturday morning originated from one such locale. An email was sent to us saying the flight is cancelled and we are going to be on different flight. This news brought Kathy to tears, I mean heart wrenching tears. A flood of tears. The dogs were kenneled the house was all set to be looked after, business arrangements made and time off work taken. Still, the situation, in my mind, didn’t seem to warrant the flow of tears that streamed from my muses eyes. Or, perhaps it did. Perhaps there was something I was missing. Something big. Something I would never imagined. Something so well planned I never caught on. I was oblivious.

In fact, I almost missed my own wedding and I didn’t even know it.

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That’s right, I didn’t even know it.

How, you may be asking yourself does one go about nearly missing one’s own wedding without knowing it?

It goes like this; It started as a simple winter holiday, a Christmas in Isla Mujeres. A quiet, unassuming holiday. Or so I thought. Kathy had begun planning something in October. Planning a wedding, our wedding. Kathy got the rings made, she bought a dress, ordered my shirt and pants, contacted the wedding planner, contacted the hairdresser and the photographer, hired a guitarist, ran errands regarding said wedding and paid for it all without my knowing it. That is correct, without me having even the smallest inkling of what was going to take place.

As I said, I was oblivious.

I didn’t know she had it all the pertinent regalia packed in her suitcase. I didn’t know until the day we arrived (December 23).

This is how I found out;

I was happy to be on Isla Mujeres so I was heading straight to the Caribbean Sea for a dip. Oh how glorious to float about the salty water, wander back through the pool area and into the hotel. Barefoot and happy.

Kathy had caught me in the elevator as I was returning to the room and told me she had a surprise. Of course, being a red blooded male, my mind went straight to some sort of extra curricular activity that shall remain unspoken.

It was not, it was far more fantastic. There, spread all over the bed was sand, and written in small pebbles were those immortal words, “Will you marry me?”

“Of course!” I said. “Of course!”. “Good, because being 98% sure you’d say yes, I have it planned for Christmas day!” Kathy replied.

And that, my friends, is how I almost missed my own wedding without knowing it. One more delayed flight would have sent me over the edge and I would have grabbed the luggage gotten in the truck and went home. As it was, we were delayed twice from home, put on a different connecting flight from Vancouver to Toronto where the ice storm was just ending, landing with 5 minutes to catch the flight to Cancun. Luckily we got off one plane walked to the next gate and were the last to board the plane that took me and, unbeknownst to me at the time, my lovely bride to our destination, which is by no means final.

We have many roads to travel and many destinations to make.