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We were not meant to fly. We, as humans, were not built to take to the skies and enjoy circling on an updraft, diving for a meal or skimming along the water at breakneck speeds.

Why do I state the obvious?

Because, today, Mother Nature reminded me of my aerial inadequacies. Mother Nature decided that I would not, in my man made shiny metal monstrosity, take wing. I was grounded. I am still grounded and will remain so until I get to the airport in around 30 hours from now. Mother Nature decided that she would make my muse cry. THAT, I can not abide. I am, however, powerless over Mother Nature. At least today.

airport-snowed-in-indiana-dec-2010Kathy and I were to fly to Cancun this day. We were to begin our long awaited holiday to Isla Mujeres, a small island off the Yucatan peninsula. Our first Christmas holiday. We will still go, just not today.

1125-deicing-plane-630z420You see, as I stated, we were not meant to fly. A storm that swept across this great land has caused travel chaos. SO much so that days after it had passed through here, we still felt the repercussions.  Our flight was delayed, meaning the next flight would not be made, meaning that the only option was YXS to YVR to YYZ and then on to CUN. Not only leaving a day and a half late but adding almost 6 hours flight time and lay over time to the entire deal.


I almost, ALMOST, wish I drank. I’m sure a bottle of Jack would help things along eh?

To add insult to injury, the hotel is not willing to reimburse us for the two evenings we are not there. I feel for the poor hotel manager when we get there. I’m sure Kathy will “discuss” some options. I’m just going to smile and look like I feel bad for him when I really don’t.

I am also hoping that someone will cover the cost of the two extra nights my Saydee and Santana had to stay in the kennel. It certainly would not be fair to them if I went and got them, only to bring them back a few days later. It’s not so much the money as it is the few days of unnecessary stress caused to my companions.

Look, I know some will say things like; “Dude it was the weather.”  “Aw, c,mon man get over it.” or “Don’t hate on someone because you didn’t get your way!”

Yes, right you are. These are circumstances beyond my control, I am still disappointed and would still like to see some compensation.

To those of you who say one of those things or something along that vein, Thank you and fuck off.

On the bright side. I get a dinner out and a movie with my lovely muse. Plus, if that heavier than air machine plummets 30,000 ft to the earth, I won’t be in it.