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I have been more introspective lately. Why? I don’t really know. Probably the time of the year. Seasons change and so do I or something like that. It seems, from time to time, that my psyche latches onto a concept and I let it whirl about in my melon until it exhausts itself. Does that constitute the title of Philosopher? It does if I say it does. You may now add philosopher to my many grandiose self imposed titles.

I have been musing on happiness and what I do to attain it or why I may not be feeling it.

I find myself wondering what makes me unhappy, why it does and what useful purpose it serves. Thus far, I can find no good reason to be unhappy. I can only find reasons to be joyful, to be grateful. I oft times forget this and my day may bring instances of anger and discontent. Actually, this may creep in the moment I stop thinking about the many things that bring me smiles.

Yes, smiles.

No, not the LOL Cat “isn’t that silly” smiles.

I mean the glow from the inside out, warm your soul kinda smiles. I am blessed to have those smiles quite often. I often ask myself; Why do I have these smiles? What have I done to deserve this happiness? Has Karma made a mistake? No, the universe does not make those mistakes and no, my creator does not give things to me and snatch them from my grasp as punishment for some small sin I may have committed. If that were the case, friends, I’d be fucked. According to many of the religious texts, I would be the antithesis to all that is pure and holy.


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Fact is, I deserve to be happy. No matter what the circumstance, and I know this will sound all crazy, hippy, new age-ish, but I can find some small glimmer of sweetness in even the most bitter of situations. There are always opportunities to grow.


Another startling, to me, fact is that I have no solid reason to be unhappy. None. Why would I choose to be?