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Ok friends, ready? Let’s play catch up.

I was away for a week, in Terrace BC. A beautiful place but eerie things were afoot. It happened one morning while I was there. There were….wait for it….noises, mysterious noises. Like a weird yowling. A Sasquatch mating call? An over exuberant elk? A train? You decide:

WTF indeed! My, being self absorbed and all, only concern was coffee. As my hotel was near the train tracks, I naturally assumed that cars were shunting or some other train type stuff. That appeared not to be the case. The noise was heard quite a ways away from the tracks. It was bittersweet to find out that it was not Jerry Garcia and Elvis arriving in the Mother ship.

I had to go to Terrace to work. The company sent me to cover some holidays to adjust a large format ink jet and train some staff on InDesign. Let’s call it a successful trip. Hotel bed and odd food aside.

I had a nice stay and got interesting Photo A Day shots, but I am happy to be home. The following gallery is from August 13th until August 30th

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Let me know what you think about the noise and the images.