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It is early. Way too early. I say that as an early riser. Even I find it way too early,  at least it was when I got up and decided to start writing this. Of course, coffee and certain morning rituals need addressing.

I am in Terrace British Columbia. I like Terrace, I just don’t like hotels and road food. Unless, of course , it is a hotel on a Greek island and the food is local and, and, well, you get the idea. Denny’s does not count as local, nor healthy, cuisine. In fact, I berate myself for eating there last night. It still tastes crappy, the service still sucks and the waitress still doesn’t grasp the concept of Cranberry and Soda water.

Cran and soda - it's not rocket science

Cran and soda – it’s not rocket science

her: would you like something to drink?

me: soda water and…..

her: (interrupting me) water..ok

me: no miss, let me finish. Soda water and cranberry juice

her: (insert some weird expression) mixed together?

me: (trying to maintain patience) yep

her: 50-50?

me: (smiling) yes, please

her: did you want the soda or the cranberry mixed in first?

me: (long pause…..because I must have had the, ‘WTF did you just ask me?’, look) you decide.

Oh woe is me.

*disclaimer: Let me start by saying this is not a slam against all Denny’s (just in case my friend Niki reads this). Slam? get it? Breakfast slam-Denny’s. Did you see what I just did there? I just snorted.