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Time to catch up on the latest photo a day images over the last week. I am surprised at how, at the same time, be difficult and incredibly motivating. I can feel the subtle shift in my way of viewing things, I am becoming more familiar with my camera as well as my digital darkroom and I am learning that I am more a fan of black and white than I first thought. Black and white is, after all, what I first learned to load into canisters, shoot and develop myself. Ilford film and Ilford Pearl paper will always be my favourite. There is something intoxicating (or toxifying) about the smell of developer, stop and fixer…wait. No their isn’t! It was hot and sweaty and we had to wait and I ruined tons of paper (which wasn’t cheap) because I had a vision born in some hallucinatory episode two days before and was just barely flitting on the edge of my consciousness.

I love my digital darkroom. Thank you Adobe and all you eggheads that have made it easy for me to come crawling, squinty eyed and pale, into the light of a monitor.

Without further adieu and no fanfare whatsoever, here are the latest Photo A Day images: