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This past weekend was the BC (British Columbia) Day long weekend. Yes, we Canadians love our summer long weekends. What with summer being so brief and all. Why not add a few extra days off? Hell, why not do what most of us do anyway and add even a few more to those few we already have. Like what I did, tack a Tuesday onto the long weekend. That way I get 4 days off and a short 3 day week to follow!

I love our great Canadian thinking. But then it’s like I took the day off, I’m sorry. Bah! Sorry my ass, even with the migraine; I am dancing in the cool rain, celebrating the 47 years my muse has been on this planet and praying the heat doesn’t come back.

I have also embarked on what appears to be a manic creative phase. Yes, I am in the throes of mania. The creative high that I desperately try to maintain yet generally come crashing down hard. I liken it to stretching a rubber band, I can stretch it tight and let it go back gently, but I do not. I stretch that bitch until it snaps resulting on that inevitable sting.

To facilitate the desperate attempt to stay on the high  er, I mean easing of the landing, I have embarked on a photographic journey. I have started my own 365. Yes, my personal photo a day gig. At first I kept it to myself, then I told a few, then I Facebooked it, now I tell you, my minions followers. It somehow makes me more accountable. Not that I need to account to anyone but my power greater, but I feel a certain responsibility to my integrity. Damn it… I never asked for a conscience. Now I have one. WTF?

I am not going to give a daily update, you can see those on my Strange Trip Studios Facebook Page, which if you go to and like and are among the 75 by Septembers end, you will be eligible to win a custom work from my studio. You know you wanna! Just click the link and like it!

No I like it, I like it, it’s good – If you like it now, you’ll learn to love it later

Robbie Robertson – Somewhere Down The Crazy River

No, I won’t post one each day but I will give weekly updates. probably on Saturday or Sunday as I won’t have many extra extra days off like I do today. Here is the result of the past 5 days (and an extra bit of manipulation fun – no not manipulating you) not including today. Enjoy, feel free to comment, question and critique. I can take it, I’m a mature big boy now.

Some other things I am working on include my Alter Ego book, some fashion model shoots, SpeeDee staff portraits which include some nice retouching.

Busy, manic and still at peace.

Happy Birthday to my lovely muse. A lot of this I could not have done without your understanding and support. I love you dearly.

She may not be an artist but she “gets” us.