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Since my return from Greece, I don’t think I have written two posts. Sure I did the VLOG, does that count? I guess it does. OK, I have done three posts in 2 months. That is not very cool in my eyes. I could come up with a million bullshit reasons why. Like I am too sore to sit at my desk, yet I sit and read my books each evening and doze off while sitting in said spot. I could say that I was building a deck and putting up a fence. Which you can see here.

Big deal. I could have blogged in the evenings after I did a little, What did I do? I sat in the very chair I occupy and read. I read until I dozed off.

What about the mornings? You ask. Yes, well, I do get up early enough to at least start a little post. Do I? No. I check face book. As if my friends will post some earth shattering news over night. Not usually. Sorry friends. I don’t mean to minimize what you say or post, I just put it into perspective. Like the newest royal whatever. I don’t give a flying fuck about some kid who may or may not be in line to take over a monarchy that may or may not still be around. Prince George. My cities namesake. Well, you wouldn’t believe the way certain politicians here have jumped all over that one. They feel as if it will open up some lucrative opportunities. Really?
So we celebrate 100 years in 2015 and the Canada winter Games are being held here (Municipal Tax Grab). Do you honestly think the royal family give a rats ass about some back water redneck city like PG? Do you think they will travel half way around the world to see it? In the winter? Hell, we debate whether we want to go get milk when it gets cold. And we freaking live here!!

I digress. Fact is, I have been busy, sore and mostly lazy. Lazy! YES! I could put off being a procrastinator until a better time arises.

I have managed to get done most of the deck and now it comes to railing and lattice, then a few tons of pea gravel for the dog run (can’t wait to wheel barrow that stuff around). It’s all a work in progress.

And a tip for my neighbour….my name is Michael! Not hey neighbour. If you call me that again, I may retract my offer to pay for half the fence. Michael. Thank you.

I am off to play of my new system. Yes. I purchased a new system with an incredible graphics card so I can do some serious rendering. I am in the middle of making my poster for An Evening Of Pink. A little something I do each year. Just having the horsepower to run my masking software properly, is a blessing. Nothing worse than choppy paint brush strokes.

It’s good to be back and good to write. And, even though I haven’t written, I have been keeping up with all your blogs. And I will take up the challenge laid down by Sarah over at the Amusing Muse. I will make another VLOG! Stay tuned friends.

Actually, got ideas for what you’d like a VLOG on? Drop me a line and let me know.