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Here we are in Frankfurt, 2 hours sleep in the last 36 or so. Made the trip from Athens to Frankfurt in separate seats, and it was actually the most calm and organized boarding procedure at any airport or ferry terminal we had experienced while in Greece. Get this, my Vancouver friends who are more experienced in ferry travel, one walks on with the cars, throw your luggage in a big cage with all the other luggage, and there is a lot. From there, it seems like a free for all to the upper decks and seats. We had reserved “airline” seats but that didn’t seem to matter to those that did not. The masses seemed to migrate to the “reserved seats” over time. The ferry staff tried to control this migration by asking to check tickets and early in the voyage, which was 5 hours, they sent people away to their designated areas. Eventually, however, the area filled with non ticket holders. It mattered little to me, I was comfy.

Get this ferry savvy friends, when we disembarked, we stood in front of all the vehicles and they had to wait for us to walk off before they could drive off onto a tarmac that was not marked with any type of lanes. Oh yea…there seemed little concerned about how the vehicles are loaded. It is beyond me how there are not more incidents at sea. Like, I dunno, capsizing!

After a sleepless night in Athens, sleepless because we had to be up at 3am anyway and thought it best after a 10pm dinner, we try and stay awake. Operative word here, try. We tried and failed. Thank god for Kat’s internal timer and wake up calls. We have learned to get our own boarding passes, have become, airport security savvy and learned our way around Frankfurt airport pretty damn well. In and out of the myriad of security points. Hell, I even got searched with the wand and a groping hand as well as having my camera gear checked for what I thought might be explosive traces or the like. What really freaked me out was the nod one Federal cop gave the other when I went through passport check, I was scanned. Really? Dammit!

Paranoia, my friends.

I have two minutes left on my free half hour of Frankfurt Airport WiFi time so I must sign off.

Stay tuned for driving adventures through Santorini and Mykonos.