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There are three things that transcend our inability to create verbally as ongoing human concerns, laughter, food and the sea. Never has it become so apparent than while we sailed with Jimmy the Greek American Captain from Jersey, Sasha the Croatian Sailor/BBQ Master/Biker, The newlywed Greek and American couples, the Aussie couple, the Russian only speaking couple and my beautiful muse and I.

It mattered little that we all didn’t speak the same language. We sailed, we laughed, we swam in the Aegean Sea and we ate some of the most amazing food on the trip, until this evening in Mykonos but that is an entirely different post involving motor vehicle chaos.

As I said, the good times we shared brought us closer together than language could have, that and copious amounts of Santorini white wine. Not for me but it sure did lighten the mood some.

Here are some images of the good times.

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I don’t often promote things here but I would, if you can get to Santorini, look up Santorini Sailing.  Book with Captain Jimmy.

For a few hours, the common language of laughter cut down any boundaries language may have produced.