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Leaving Athens at 7:30 on the Superjet ferry. THAT was an experience! Organized chaos! In fact, it seems there is an underlying chaos that permeates the entire country. I am not being judgmental here, in fact, I believe it has taught me not to worry. When I get concerned about something and ask about it, the people will ask what it says on the paper. If it says “XYZ”, then it is” XYZ”, no problem. And, XYZ happens, despite the seeming chaos surrounding the journey. So, when I say the ferry ride was chaos, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was exactly as it was supposed to be. We got here, and as I heard one patron say, it will be late, but then everything is late. So, I shrugged and adjusted my attitude.

Upon arrival at the pier, we were greeted by Gloria, a most amiable woman whose job it as to see that we were completely taken care of, so far she is on it. Not only her, but the staff at Aresanna are beyond compare. Once we arrived, all the hassles of the ferry  were immediately washed away in a tidal wave of good vibes. I am so unaccustomed to the sort of luxury here that I felt, at first, slightly out of place. Then I remembered how so very unnecessary it is for me to compare myself to other. I am an equal among all humans. Once I remember that, I care little what others think of me and whether or not I belong. I belong because I say I do.

After settling into our room, we wandered about, let me say that from the expansive landscaped to the tiniest corner or shop, Santorini is filled with gems.

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