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It is….I hover the Arctic.ave no idea what time it is and we are somewhere over the Arctic and nearing Greenland. Who would have thought that I could post  from 35000 ft.? We have approximately 5.5 hours to go before we touch down in Frankfurt and then wait a fe hours until the connecting flight to Athens.

I had asked the flight attendants to humour me with some images but when I went to the back, they were busy with something and felt that it was an inopportune time for such a thing. I do have to say, however, that these are some of the most fun I have been around. They seem to enjoy the job and enjoy interacting with the passengers on our flight.

It is odd having the window blinds closed and it still being quite bright outside. One side of the plane has them down (ours), while the other has some of them up and the summer Arctic sun can stream in. Maybe it is just one passenger that has theirs up, always a rebel somewhere.

A small eal of chicken in some kind of gravy, ceasar salad with more crouton than salad and some kind of gelatin apple crisp was our in flight dinner. Not too bad when all we had were cheap pretzels on the Air Canada run from PG to YVR. I remember why I really never liked flying that airline. Thank you  for the stark reminder, Air Canada.

Unfortunately the muse has been having trouble sleeping while sitting up. This is is an issue in economy. I am being as understanding as I can be but it is a nine hour flight. There isn’t much that can be done. That and a definite lack of nicotine intake means Frankfurt can’t get here soon enough. Thank god they will have designated smoking areas in the Frankfurt Airport.

Thus far, my aero-nazi rehab is going well. Yes, I can be cranky and less than understanding with some but all in all, a good flight so far.