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Did someone change the name of hell to Frankfurt? I am in travel hell, sort of. I am sure there are many worse stories than mine. But for a portly fellow running from one end of the airport to another. It’s hell. First the plane lands and they say they are landing at gate A54 and we are to board at gate A56…yehaaaa…..short lived ecstasy to be sure. I should have known it would never be that easy. After running, OK, walking at a brisk space, from one end of the terminal to another and halfway back again, we finally made the gate. No mention of a gate change, and all indications from people that seemed to be in “the know” (including a stamp wielding polizei guy, said to go this way…that was a dead end….no no…you must got the other way..AAALLLLL the way the other way. A looooong way the other way.

I am sweaty

I have a blister

I am jet lagged and short on patience.

My muse is fuming and I am the somewhat calming influence (a definite character change on my part) perhaps my airport control freakism rehab is going well.

She is going for a smoke and I am remaining as calm as I can be, due to the fact that the plane is here and boarding calls will be happening shortly.

Next stop Athens!