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We made it! Thanks in no small part to the maniacal driving of Dimitri the worlds fastest cab driver. I say fastest because I rarely see a cabbie doing 120 kmh down a residential street. Freakin blew me away! Not only that, there are motorcyclists everywhere, mad men with or without helmets. Weaving in and out, riding between traffic and even, as I saw the police do earlier this evening, drive along the sidewalk. It is crazy…simply crazy. I thought I would be able to handle anything after learning to drive in Toronto. I am humbled, completely.

Dimitri got us to the Herodian Hotel that is just a few blocks away from the Acropolis. We are slightly bemused with what 4 stars is considered here and what we would consider 4  stars. A definite difference of perceptions. After getting wired in, and updating posts, we decided to go for a walk in the beautiful Athens evening.

We walked out of the hotel and down a narrow street wondering how pedestrians do not get killed. Then turning left we entered one of the coolest neighbourhoods I have ever visited. It is called Plaka. Sure, it is a touristy type place but it is also a neighbourhood filled with locals and local flavours. It reminds me a lot of Kensington Market in Toronto. Except, well, more Greek.

We could look up and see one of the ancient wonders of the world; The Acropolis.

Whilst we made our way trough Plaka, it is rather large, we visited little shops, talked with locals and found a place to have a bite to eat. This place was amazing! Not only is it traditional Greek food, it was Greek food I had never tried. We had Cheese Pie (like a deep fried feta), Mousaka (not my favourite), awesome homemade sausage and my new favourite; Stuffed Vine Leaves. Oh my freaking god! I want more. But before that, I had my first kalamata olive in Greece and bread dipped in olive oil.

I am blessed to be here and enjoying such a lovely people and culture.

Now, if I only would have remembered my tripod.

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