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Passports – check

Camera Gear – check

Laptops – check (how else am I going to post blogs)

Money, tickets and vouchers – check

Clothes – check

The Lug - gage

(We are only going for a week and this isn’t all of it.)








We have finished all the packing. Mostly. The dogs are comfortable with Breanna and all that’s left is to tidy before we head to the airport. I am sure the house and the dogs are in good hands but I do worry about them. They are my kids and I love them even when they are destructive, cheeky, demon like creature from the abyss.

I have promised Kat that I would refrain from Airport Nazi mode when we are traveling. Yes yes….I become the airport Nazi. Hurry hurry….over here…they said…do this…check that..(tap tap tapping an imaginary wristwatch). I promised.

From here, we are in Vancouver – 2 hours or so. Not real time for a post, so the next one will be over Greenland or Iceland or somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.I’d love it if you stayed connected via Twitter  and get relatively real time updates.

So long from Prince George…Next stop Vancouver…I will let you know about my Aero-nazi rehab.