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For those of you who don’t know, I am leaving on Thursday and will be flying to Greece. It is one of my Bucket List destinations.

We, my muse and I, leave from Prince George on Thursday at one something o’clock. I say one something because details have a hard time taking root in my melon. Thank god for Kat. No, really. Thank god for Kat. She is the catalyst that drives me to get things done. Anyway, we fly to Vancouver then Frankfurt and then arrive in Athens at five something o’clock in the evening. Or, maybe it was three something. I don’t remember. It really doesn’t matter anyway. We will be spending a few nights in Athens before we leave on the ferry for Santorini, a small volcanic island in the Cyclades. I really wish to thank  Elena Levon at: Live Simply, Travel Lightly, Love Passionately & Don’t Forget To Breathe for her post; The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Greek  and also my blog friend Pelly at pelly * made.

Elena for her post to remind me how to enjoy the trip by immersing myself in the culture. Pity she has just left Greece. I missed her by a week. Pelly for her continuous stream of imagery that reminds me to look at things differently. Also, Pelly made a list of tattoo artists fro me. Yes, Kat and I are getting tattooed while in Greece. It is our tradition to get a tat from a local artist wherever we travel. Thanks again to these two wonderful bloggers.

While in Santorini, I will wander. We have no real itinerary, which , to me , is the best way to travel. Sure, I have a few things I want to see, like the famous sunsets on The Aegean Sea, the culture, the red and black sand beaches. I want Greek coffee in the mornings and local cuisine all day. I checked the moon phases and see that there is a full moon during our visit. I can only hope to see this site over the sea. Capture these images? Damn straight!  If anyone else has any nice things to try while I am there, let me know.

From Santorini we will be taking another ferry to Mykonos. Ah yes, this is where we will get our tattoos done. The studio of As I Am has a reputation as a fine establishment. I also plan to spend a day on Delos, the birtplace of Apollo nd Artemis and a temple dedicated to Dionysus.  I need to see with my own eyes, examples of the wonders produced by the most cultured of ancient civilizations. I want to visit Little Venice and the church at Panayia Paraportiani. Of course there are many many many more.


I hope to walk in the footsteps of the great minds; Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, Aristotle ad infinitum. I want to see the birthplace of democracy.

So, the countdown begins.

Just under four days and counting.

I would love to leave you with some images but then, what would I do with the many I will be taking while there. I will blog on the fly.