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If you think my blog is confusing, you should meet me. I am ADD personified. Well, most people that have ADD are ADD personified or else it wouldn’t be such an issue. I am self diagnosed, like most of my mental issues, but at least now I don’t self prescribe. 

I opened this blog posting page to post a story about my selling a piece on the opening night of the Ekphrasis show and that I was feeling not just a little affirmed that I could hold my own against the “trained” artists. If I go any further with this rant, I will risk alienating them. Meh, who cares.  That was the end of the story, the end of the blog post. I thought to myself, how utterly boring and self gratifying a post is that? Big effing deal boyo. People sell art everyday.

See what I did there? I mentioned the sale and shrugged it off so cool like.

So, back to the ADD-ness of this blog. I am not so sure how I wish to proceed.

  • A general info/fun blog about my life as a scatter brained artist?
  • A photography blog that concentrates only on that aspect of my life?
  • An art blog that concentrates…..you know

Oh what to do, what to do. I mean, I have several different pages that I can post relevant material under. I think. Is that how those things work?

Oh look…something shiny!

I’ll finish this later.