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It isn’t very often that I write about my much maligned by MacLeans magazine, city. Most dangerous indeed. Yes yes, I still fume at that and the warped twisting of statistics. I was wandering downtown yesterday afternoon and I remembered that there was a parade! Everyone loves a parade! Although I didn’t get all the folks in the parade, I got a few. My apologies to Carly and Lindsay who were all decked out in their Scottish drum and fife corps gear I wish I’d remembered.

What follows is a good cross section of my city, from Roller Derby girls to giant Easter eggs to twirling belly dancers to red hat ladies, fire engines, horses and finally the ACME shit sweeper.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the native singers, drummers and dancers, as well as Dorothy the candy lady. I think she is always trying to buy my vote for her boss; Shirley Bond. Buying it with candy.

I love this city.


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