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I have been a relatively busy boy, aside from my sofa spud nights. I s’pose it would prove fruitless to update all that has transpired in the last month or so. Here are the highlights;

  • Going to Greece – specifically; Mykanos, Thira and Athens. We will be there for a little over a week.
  • I have been able to shoot 3 models in the Alter Ego series; a wiccan (witch), a clown and a cat. Rough images will be posted here.
  • Busy with freelance stuff, catalogue, digitizing large artworks….etc etc. I want to spend more time on the SpeeDee social media stuff.
  • I have let the other blog for the HQ Prince George lapse into obscurity. Well, pretty much into oblivion. There are no posts to be had.
  • I have a piece in the Ekphrasis show at the Groop Gallery

It is my hope that I can hook up with fellow bloggers while I trek around the Aegean. I believe it would be fun to sit by the sea, drink coffee and share stories.

Here are a few items I am working on. Be warned that these are rough images with the green screen still not keyed out.