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Yes, yes I am. I freely admit to that particular defect of character. It took me a long time to reach the point of admitting my procrastinating way. Mostly because I procrastinated about the entire act. Is it therefore no surprise that I am using said deficiency to avoid making a new piece of art? Is it no wonder that I sit here and ell you how mush of a procrastinator I am while I really need to be finishing my latest painting?

You see what I am doing? See what I did there? I used my character flaw to justify my character flaw. How very sneaky of me, indeed!

Having said all that. I really felt the need to write. And being the slothful sort that I am. I picked the writing because I don’t have to go to the photo studio, or get out paints, set up back drops, walk outside, etc etc. I can plop myself down in front of the keyboard and bore you to death with my ramblings.

Are you bored yet?

I am.

I will not, however, write some drivel just so I have something, anything to post. Even if my current views for the day is ZERO.


Did I mention I had to cancel all my studio shoots for the weekend? Why? Well, in one person’s infinite wisdom, they shut the boiler off. That would not be so bad were it not cold enough to snow. YES! Snowed 2 inches on  Thursday evening. It was 55 degrees in the studio on Friday afternoon and it was not getting any warmer outside. I cancelled the clown and the happy girl shoots but the realized I had heaters….too late says the clown. She made plans with her “little sister”. An admirable cause.

There you have it friends. I was a lazy lasagna making day yesterday and I guess I will work on a piece for this ‘Best Damn Little Art Auction Ever’.

I think the muse is awake and I have to look less like a procrastinator and be kinda busy.