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I did it! I just finished the Red Bull Collective Art Challenge.   I am spent. It was a bit of a grueling exercise in patience. Not my strong suit, I assure you. If patience is a virtue, I am not very virtuous. My first time slot was to have been last night at 8:00pm PST but I think I forgot to change the time zone and it went to London time or UTC 0:00, I am -8:00. Believe me, I understand time zones now. I think, maybe, a little. Anyway, the good folks at Red Bull allowed me to reschedule my time slot and I did so for today at 12:00 noon. Time zone correct – check, waiting for the email reminder – check, green screen up and ready – check (my muse bore the brunt of my impatience on that one, I am amazed she still put up with me and my childishness) coffee – check, cigarettes – check. I AM READY! Then the internet goes down. REALLY!?! WTF! I was livid. I did manage to get tech support and get it going again, but, when I tried to download the template for my time slot, it was gone. I thought it had been missed. I took down the backdrop, moped around and then on a whim, I tried it. There it was, ready to download. I was excited, and then I saw what the other artist had left me. I got a tiny strip of a grey scale meadow situated on the left hand side of the template. Good gawd, I thought, what am I going to do with this? I looked at the time remaining; 223. Two hundred and twenty three, what? 2:23 minutes? 22.3 minutes? No, 223.0 minutes! I was ecstatic. Until I again looked at the small strip of the last work uploaded.

I can’t explain how an artist’s mind works, hell, I can’t explain how my own mind works. Just grateful it does. So, I set to work, I put the backdrop up, with help from my ever so patient muse. I took some self portraits and a few shots of my best bud, Santana (dog), from there I let things stew. then it came to me….from meadow to what? City? Can the meadow form from my blowing hair? What shots do I have in my own stuff can I use? A castle!! Yes, a castle. And then it went.

What you see here is the finished image submitted. AND, I had 90 minutes left. Believe me, it is tough work. I could gear up all week but I had no clue what I was to build on, how do I prepare? I had thoughts of many other cool things like a sculpture I might wish to do one day. I mentioned that I had an idea for a metal sculpture to Miss Muse and although my back was turned, I think she must have rolled her eyes or at the very least rolled them in a covert inner way.

I digress.

Here, my friends, is the finished piece.

The Kings Dream