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Did I spell icicles correctly? I looked it up and promptly forgot it within the 3 seconds it took me to put down my phone and sit here. No matter. I will call it intentional unintentional mis-spellification.

It is spring. So you ask, why icicles? Well, in the far north, we still have much snow. The picnic table in the park is all but buried, still and there is little bare ground, if any, about. This is why I share these two images. The evening before I shot these, I was relaxing in the hot tub and noticed the light from the laundry room reflecting off something under the deck and was mesmerized by the way the icicles hanging from the underside of the decking seemed so much like stalactites found in old limestone caves. I made a note to myself to go play with images in the morning. This was last weekend and although it is still cool, they have gone the way of Frosty on that spring day.

Of course, I tweeked the images in Lightroom and Photoshop. But hey, why not. Mother Nature gives me the goods and I make it even better. If there is a possibility to do that.

IMG_2754-Edit IMG_2757-Edit

I might add that the weather has warmed up considerably today and it appears that spring is finally arrived. I heard the first robin of the season and if anyone should see that furry rat bastard Wyarton Willie or his equally sketchy accomplice Puxatony Phil, nab them and bring them before a jury let them stand trial for fraud. Six weeks my ass. Little rats.