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I have two dogs named Santana and Saydee. Santana is the older of the two. He is a 4 yr old pure breed lab and Saydee is 1.5 yr old pure breed rough coat Collie. Together they are; The Wild Bunch”  Santana is “my” dog and Saydee is “the muse’s” dog. Why the quotes? Because we say hers or his, what we really mean is “ours”.

Let me get to the point of this post. I had, a few days ago posted something about hazy, ethereal images using sandwich bags. Thanks again to Peta Pixel and the article I included in that post. Here are the results of my own experiment with that particular technique;











I found that making only a small opening was best, maybe 1/3  or less the size of your lens opening. And because plastic is not real good at absorbing any kind of marker, it got a bit messy. I’m fine with messy, some others may not be.  Strong light, either reflected or (despite the rules) behind the subject worked best. For some reason, the flash would “smooth” or negate the effect altogether. I like the randomness of the effect and although I have some powerful tools at my disposal, I can see where I may use this in a more controlled studio like environment.

I say give it a whirl and have some fun!