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I was to shoot another alter ego yesterday.

A clown.

The clown never showed.

Is there an inherent lack of respect for creative people that somehow, what we do, or the time we invest is different? Is it not as valuable as other peoples time? What makes his or her time any more valuable than my time? I am tired of not being taken seriously.

I had the flu and I still made it to the studio. I take this seriously. Perhaps my expectations of people is out of whack? NO! My expectations of a person saying they would be ready to go on Saturday at noon are the same as anyone else. You said, you’d be ready. Suit up and show up. If you can’t or had a change of heart. Call, for Christ sake. I could have scheduled something else. I could have done something else with the time you think so little of. Something more productive than wait on your sorry clown ass.

I believe I will struggle with this for the entirety of the book, as I want real people with real alter egos and not  a staged persona.

The worst of it all is the lip service paid to the endeavour. If you want to model, at least, take the thought seriously. If not, I really don’t care. I can find those that will. Just don’t waste my, seemingly worthless, time.

I can’t wait to hear the excuse from this one.