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OK….I have no cake and I have yet to receive a card but I did get to see a concert. A tribute band but a concert. I had been spoiled as I am a product of a youth spent in Toronto during the late 70’s and early 80’s. I had seen so many great acts in such huge venues that going to a tribute band like “The Pink Floyd Experience” is almost a let down. I say almost, because it really wasn’t. I temper my expectations. I come from a time when seeing the real band cost maybe 25 – 30 dollars. Hell, I don’t know how kids today can afford to go see bands like that. I suppose it’s all relative. I come from a time when the arena was filled with smoke from “other things” and not burnt popcorn or whatever that smelly haze was. I come from a time when they checked your bags for bottles and not cameras. I once asked a cop why and he said because some idiots throw the bottles. I can’t wrap my head around throwing a bottle into a crowd. But, I digress, again.

My lovely muse, Kathy, surprised me with tickets to The Pink Floyd Experience. And I must say it was pretty good. I tempered my expectations and enjoyed the show. I was carried away to a simpler time. I felt as though I were in some strange flashback, that just by thinking myself into a trip, I could travel there. Totally hallucinogenic free. There were times in the show where I felt the band could have used a little creative license or “stretched” the song a bit. Money was one such song. I would have loved to hear the sax and guitar solo with a bit more of the musicians interpretation. I would have to say that the best part of the entire gig was the bass player and when he started that ever so familiar riff from “One Of These Days” it was like a punch in the chest, shaking the entire stadium. It went on and on, carrying me away, again, to a different place. If anyone looked up at me in that moment, the grin would have spoke volumes. One other surprise was the band playing a song from what I believe is the most under rated album in the entire repertoire; “Obscured By Clouds”.

So, yea, I enjoyed myself. Immensely.

Here are a few camera images from the gig. Flying pig included.2013-03-11 22.01 2013-03-11 21.59 2013-03-11 20.25

I know you will pardon the poor resolution because I was limited to my phone. Oh were I to have my gear. But then, I would have spent more time trying to “get the shot” and less time enjoying the event.