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Today I will be shooting my own alter ego. It will be included in the book and I hope it will encourage more men to come forward and explore their alter egos.  Maybe it will maybe it won’t.  We are a fun gender. …that is fodder for another post.


My Other Self

Yes, today I will allow you a glimpse my other self. It is not a pretty sight. I am not afraid of that other self, it is part of me. In fact, I could say that he has made me the man I am today. He served his purpose but still hangs around waiting for an opportunity to take centre stage. Today he will be freed with conditions, then I will thank him and make him go back to that dark villa inside my head. He will be slightly miffed that the bottle is empty. Much safer that way, for all concerned.

This was shot in front of a green screen, I use Photoshop CS6 and a new Plug in called Primatte 5.1  and have yet to decide on a background, if any. These are really the first images I have shot in the new studio space. I had some help from my friend Joanne. I would say it was a good learning experience for her but I was not in the mood for teaching. I just wanted to allow a sneak peek of myself and another image for the upcoming book;

Alter Egos – Images of Our Other Selves.

I am aiming for a release date of late Nov. 2013 with a show and a signing.