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I have taken up the challenge that was posted on the WordPress Daily Post: Exploring Video. I t seemed very interesting and I have been playing with video editing. I am by no means a aster editor , not really a master anything when it comes to video. I have a ton to learn. The reason I wanted to try this is because I feel my blog has become boring. Not boring for you but boring for me. Boring to write, boring to think about, boring to start and boring to finish. I like the idea on more media to include. For me it may become more media I never get around to doing. That is my way. It may not be that things are boring, really. It may be that I have become disinterested. Lazy, Slothful. Several of the Seven Deadly Sins combined.

Or something like that.

Yes, I am slothful and I covet YOUR blog, and YOURS and mostly, oh yes…..YOURS.

Back on track, Michael….focus.

I have decided to, because I didn’t read all the instructions on the blog, to combine two of the three styles of videos.

What we have here is a video that include three things that I love, the three things that help me create.