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Three 6×6 pieces. That’s it. That’s all I need to make for this auction. Do you think I can come up with a brilliant idea?


Aside from the fact they will be done on some thick glass tiles and ready to hang.

Oh woe is me!

It snowed today, I could do some winter scenes. Yea, that would be a marketing ploy akin to the Edsel or New Coke. We are trying to live through winter, why “buy” more. There is, trust me, almost nothing one can do to make winter look appealing in March or April.

Coffee #3

Wait, there is an idea. Coffee. Coffee beans maybe or maybe fruit. Still life.

Coffee, I knew you would come through.

I could do small fluidity paintings.

Look, don’t argue with the coffee.

OK…maybe I will do them AND the glass fruity 6×6 things and see what turns out best.


I love you.