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Today is Family Day in British Columbia. A day set aside for family time. An odd thing to have a day for. Shouldn’t people make time for their families everyday or when they can? Can I say to my dad, “So sorry old boy, can’t talk, it not being family day here.” ? I now have plausible deniability for ignoring most of my family. I didn’t before but now I can say it wasn’t family day, therefore I ignore you. Now I only need an excuse for one day as opposed to three hundred sixty five days. Aside from a few members on either side, the family needs ignoring. I never quite fit in anyway.

Because Family Day is not a federal stat holiday, nobody is quite sure who works on said day. I will have an overflowing garbage can because, like most people on my little cul-de-sac, I did not put my garbage out. Who would have thought the city would work on a holiday? UNHEARD of! Surely they are not getting overtime for all that shovel leaning. It would be yet anther greivious error on Mayor Green’s part. When asking many departments to save money and then paying the boys and girls in the white trucks overtime. I may be only one vote but my vote counts and I will exercise that right in the next election. I was hoodwinked….

We shall leave that diatribe on the mayors lack of leadership and the petty back biting of the councilors for another time.

This is a time to celebrate family. So, who better to celebrate with than the youngster named Huxley Layne. Huxley is what one would call my step-granson. It makes little difference to me what the title is. He is a ray of sunshine. Of course, more for the muse than for me. I watch her face brighten when she sees him and her excitement at the new toys she buys and oh my god, the sheer bliss when she gets to babysit. I am somewhat more subdued in my revery. I would, however, like to share some images of his first birthday celebration. These days it is not uncommon for there to be a few sets of grandparents and Huxley’s situation is no different. In fact, her has 4 pairs. All the more love, I say. It was a day for civility and laughter. Funny, a young soul, untouched by societies “values” can bring peace amongst people that normally would not mingle. It is a pity that as we grow, we become so jaded…there I go…..fodder for a later post.

Here are the images of that terrific little spirit and his first year celebration:

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