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I have decided it is time to do a photo essay book. The Alter Egos sessions have got me thinking. Why not?

No Reason.

Why now?

Why not now?

I am sure this will be a hell of a journey. I may as well get it going while I have the space.

A book?


Why the hell not.

I will be offering up some teaser images from the book from time to time. Thus far, I have shot Krista, whose other self was that psychotic killer that some many have inside us. Next week I will shoot Breanna and will offer a single tease image from that one. I have, so far, the psycho, the warrior woman, the happy girl, the bad girl, the addict/alky and I know there are many many more. So, if you are in PG and have a desire to explore your true other self, drop me a line.

Here is a glimpse of the first shoot

Michael KastStrange Trip Studios 2013

Michael Kast
Strange Trip Studios 2013