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I live well. I practice certain spiritual principles and I believe in karma. I believe that the vibe we throw out to the universe will come back to us in same. It is, therefore, no surprise to me that even though I do not live this way for the benefit to me (kind of defeats the purpose), I reap the rewards of a bountiful universe. One of those many gifts was given today. Actually two were given to me on this day.

One: I was given the gift of a temporary studio. The terms were very good and I am now able to do more and more of the things I love. Here are some images of where I will be making images:

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An awesome space, to be sure. I am excited to have the space available. I am thinking of all the different excuses to go there. Then I realize that I don’t need an excuse. That I ca go there when I wish. Just not into standing in the empty room. I am still wondering what I can do to personalize the space. I think I may need to head down there.

Two: I submitted a piece for the City of Prince George/Two Rivers Gallery banner proposal. What is so special about that? Well, I am a procrastinator. I can procrastinate my way into or out of anything. Why? Hey, I don’t know. I could analyze it every which way and come up with some sort of psycho babble rationalization but it wouldn’t change the fact that I procrastinated.  So, it is a rather nice little step in my personal growth. I feel good about my submission and the fact that I am technically savvy helps make it easier for the jury. The design itself can stand on it’s own merit, but the techie me helps that much more.

I was thinking about sharing the design here but I am unsure about the rules regarding that. There aren’t any. So, some bureaucrat with an over inflated ego or some artist I have managed to piss off may give me the thumbs down. It HAS happened.  The jurors in that case were the friends of the girl I had just…well….ended it with. It was not a pretty scene. My stuff never again made it into the traveling show. It had before I met her, it had after I met her and then it never did. Small city bullshit. We may be 80,000 but we are a small 80,000 and that means a certain amount of remaining guarded is in order. Not that I stop saying what I wish to say. I am much more discerning. I choose my battles. Most of the time. I think. OKAY! Not really. I am honest and say what I mean while meaning what I say. I won’t candy coat it.

Andreas was right. People aren’t quite ready for that.

I digress….or not. Saying what needs saying and putting it out there is yet another benefit of living well. I no longer seek approval from everyone I meet. Living well, along with a few other steps, has set me on the path of becoming the man I was always meant to be. It may not be the one I imagined myself to be, it is better. I have a really good imagination but it never prepared me for the good things I have received while living well.