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al·ter e·go [awl-ter ee-goh, eg-oh,]


1. a second self; a perfect substitute or deputy: His adviser acts as his alter ego during his absence.
2. an inseparable friend.
3. another aspect of one’s self.
1530–40;  < Latin  (Cicero), probably translation of Greek állos egṓ, héteros egṓ  another I
In short. It is you. I have decided that I will be shooting a series on alter egos. Real or perceived. This is a fun exercise in so much that people can explore the other side of ones self in a safe environment. Well, relatively speaking. I am no psychoanalyst, just psycho. I want to capture peoples alter egos, male or female, good or bad. Nobody, I believe, is perfectly good or perfectly evil. There is a little good in the wost of us and a little bad in the best of of. Hell, lets skip the terms good and bad and say that we all have a different side. God and bad are too subjective and imply judgement. I’m not into judgement. I’m into exploring self, self awareness and acceptance.
Today is the first shoot in that series. This is only the second shoot I have done in the past, well, in a goodly time to be sure. It is going to be quite technical and although I know I am equipped bot mentally and “stuff” wise, I am a little anxious. Not so much that I will make a mess of things, but just enough that I might forget a small detail or a pose I would really like. I have, therefore, made an equipment list, a lighting set up form and a pose list. The last being more or less a guide line . I am not pose Nazi, never have been. I have ideas and then I allow the model to explore them with some guidance if I feel it is needed.
I have my gear packed, my head on straight. Maybe I should change out of my Scooby PJ bottoms and put my contacts in before I walk out the door. Believe me, I’ve done worse than leave the house like that. There IS a reason I don’t partake anymore.
I will be updating via Twitter and the Strange Trip Studios Facebook page, in real time. That too should be fun.