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Einstein, you got it right with that relativity thing. I don’t know where two weeks has gone. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, both Kat (my muse) and I are/were sick with flu and colds. Still, the time just sort of left. I am reminded of a favourite song by a great band (one of my fav bands), Pink Floyd; “Time”

I have managed to get much done during this brief hiatus from the hustle and bustle that is my daily bread winning gig. I set realistic goals and gave myself some very realistic rewards for attaining daily goals. Even with the state of my physical well being, my mental state was in fine working order indeed. Some may wish to dispute that fact and I say to those that wish to challenge the soundness of my mind, “like time, sanity is relative”.  Having a sound and creative mind, an awesome muse, quiet time to work and a space I am beginning to feel more and more at ease in has precipitated a flurry of activity. Only yesterday while I was waiting for the paint to dry on a painting did I begin to feel restless. What did I do? I found something else to be creative about/with. I learned, I watched tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge.  All of this and more comes with my subscription to The Creative Cloud.

Learn, learn, learn and when you think you are done, learn some more. That in itself is creativity. The root word is create. To feed thend is to create wisdom and knowledge. Not only is knowledge power, it is also freedom. I have, by learning these new creative tools, given myself the freedom to express myself in a variety of new ways. I would recommend the cloud to any visual artist.

I also purchased two studio/location soft boxes for photographic lighting. I am looking forward to using them when I begin a new themed shoot with a few different models. The new theme you ask? Alter Egos. Time to explore the dark or light side of a personality. Again, it’s all relative. There is, after all some bad in the best of us and some good in the worst of us.

Not least of all, I have been able to read the blogs I follow, do a little commenting and even write some posts of my own. I have two other blogs I write; Art Imitating Life and occasionally the SpeeDee Blog. I have also taken time to write a script for a little YouTube video I will be making. Just a little something for work. Here is the first one I did.

I have filled my fleeting time with creativity and knowledge. I am satisfied with the way I spent the time, except , of course, the couple days where I went gamer crazy, but that is fodder for another post.

I sit at my table in my studio, looking out the large window and watch the snow fall, the dogs are asleep nearby, my muse in her office and a creative vibe all around me. I am…content. Yes, that’s the word, content. I hope beyond all hope that each and every one of you and those that aren’t you and those that, believe it or not, don’t read this, will find the serenity I have been blessed with.

But then, like time, that too is relative.