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Today, being January 2nd means I would have broken any New Year resolution I made. I last a day or two on average with those things. So, I have found a much better way. I make daily resolutions. Each evening I take stock of the past day, making sure I only look at my actions, how I reacted or how I responded to people, place or things. What did I do well and what can I do better? Who do I need to make things right with and how can I avoid acting certain ways in the future. My future is short. I keep it to a day at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I plan stuff, I have dreams and goals. I like to look into the future and imagine where I might be. I am reminded of a saying; “Want to make God laugh? Tell him/her/it your plans.” This is true. I can plan/resolve to to do certain things this year but I cannot plan the outcome. I prefer to keep it simpler. I sit quietly each morning and make my resolutions for the day. resolved

How can I be a better person today? How can I be less selfish? What is it, today that I need to work on. I then ask for the courage to make those changes. Change isn’t easy. Thinking of a years worth of change is a daunting prospect. Why not make small daily changes that, after 365 days at a time, you will see a much better person. You might also have reached that unspoken resolution you made on December 31st. I know, it sounds like some new age mumbo jumbo but I know for a fact that people have been doing this for a long time. Really. At least since the thirties and I bet I could find prove that some ancient eastern dude was grooving on daily improvement. Kind of like being in the moment. Take care of the moment and the rest will look after itself.

Here is an example: Last night I snored and Kat was poking me to get me to stop. I snapped at her. That was unnecessary. Sure, I have a plethora of excuses but that’s just bullshit. Become humble, admit that despite how I felt or what the pokes felt like, I was wrong for snapping like that. What can I do about it? Today. Right now. I can “resolve” to be more understanding. I don’t have to work this week but she has a business to run, is under the weather herself and needs rest. So, I will try something, if it doesn’t work, Kat can let me know and I will wander to the couch. This issue is resolved. My resolution for the day is to treat my spouse with respect. My resolution for the day is to point the finger inward.

I know, some of you might say, “THAT IS BEING A DOORMAT!!”


It is taking responsibility for my part in things. I don’t let people push me around. I will confront people when I have been wronged or a situation needs to be corrected. I look after myself but I don’t do it at others expense. There is the difference. It is up to me to teach people how I wish to be treated. How I respond to certain treatments defines whether or not I am a doormat. If you still think I am a doormat, try me or ask my peers.

On a little bit of a lighter note. Today is Worldwide Introvert Day! I shit you not. I am grateful we have a day. Have no fear, we introverts are harmless, mostly. There is no fear of us organizing because the group thing is draining and uncomfortable. We will all have to digest the information and will withhold our thoughts because the timing is never quite right. It will be a very quiet revolution if we could all ever get together, which, as I said, is highly unlikely given our disdain for groups of people. I think we would all be looking for an excuse to get the hell out of there. I got this link from a tweet by The Amusing Muse


The funniest thing are the T-Shirts.

I resolve, today, that I can laugh at myself.